Windows XP 64bit & My dell Precision 380

So I got this spankin’ new machine (Dell Precision 380) with Intel’s 64bit technology:  EM64T.  So I installed XP 64bit edition and it turns out that this version of XP ships with IIS6.0.  They say you learn something new every day. The best thing of all is that there’s great driver support for this box. …


More updates for the VB6/VBA mouse wheel fix

Thanks to Matt Dawdy for not only report the bug but also coding a fix.  The latest fix is for issues where scrolling does not work on some multi-monitor displays.   Changes are only for Main.bas:   Add the following two functions:   Private Function LowWord(ByVal inDWord As Long) As Integer     LowWord = inDWord…


Sticky Sessions, NLB, and .NET Remoting

What is Network Load Balancing (NLB) ?  What configurations does MS support in NLB at the time of this writing (Short Answer:  SingleCall)?;en-us;830217 A lot of current implementations use Singletons in NLB (this configuration is possible with the framework but is not supported by Product Support Services).  What does this mean?  Well, you run into this…


I took some notes on some remoting questions I recently answered…

  Server activated objects (SAOs both singleton and singlecall) use threadpool magic to execute remoting calls on thread pool threads.  See ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem in the docs.  Also note that you can change the # of thread pool threads…the default is 25 per proc.    It is possible to share data with Singlecall object instances by having…


Help, I’ve lost my remote object!?

So this is the 1st time I’ve seen this but I guess it makes sense since I only deal with so many things.  I was helping someone setup IIS hosting of a remote object but for the life of me I couldn’t get it working on this W2k3 box.  I kept getting 404 (not found)…


The Case of the Mysterious Hanging Shell

Please note that the identities mentioned in this story have been changed to protect the innocent.  Any names that coincide with real life people is purely coincidental.   So there I was, calmly working away when I get the phone call that started it all.  I pick up the phone, “Hello?” I ask.    “Yo,…


Caspol -s Behavioral changes for Whidbey

We generally use “caspol.exe -s off” as a quick test to determine if .NET framework security plays a part in problems with managed components.  It used to be that sometimes people would forget to run “caspol.exe -s on” to turn framework security on.  Imagine all the nasties that could infect your box then! Well, in…


Discovery Channel’s Alien Planet

I was a bit late for my ride into work today since I was captivated by this TV show.  Too bad I wasn’t watching this in HD at home, but nontheless it was fantastic.   Alien Planet –


007 in Space ala Moonraker

Here’s a fun article on CNN that discusses some cold war space relics: James Bond reference:  Moonraker