How Can You Update Your Computer When the Thing That Updates Your Computer Is Broken?

Simple, YOU CAN’T!!! For a while now my computer’s Automatic Updates has been broken.  No new downloads have appeared, the control panel icon is missing, and the Windows Update site can’t install the updated ActiveX control.  Every time I go to the site it tries to update the WU client and I keep getting this 0x800703E3 funky…


MIX06: Playing in the Sandbox – Playing nice with the other kids

The Sandbox here at Mix contains all sorts of labs, vista pcs, windows media center, and of course the awesome ultra mobile pcs.  🙂 I got to play with the devices and talk to Lora who was tending the devices and answering questions.  Unfortunatley I had to share her time and the time of device…


MIX06 – Lunch time

We were fed quite well, thanks to all of the folks that made the food decisions.  My tummy is happy! The keynote was pretty cool, Tim O’Reilly’s interview with BillG went really well.  Bill had great answers and everyone was happy with his responses.  I’m sure others will blog about it in more detail than…


Mix Registration – "done, check"

MIX06 is sold out!  1900 attendees have come to Vegas to talk about the future of their respective portions of the internet.  In fact, I think it’s already started since I heard some conversations on the flight in.  The check-in area has about a dozen lanes, looks like we were smart to check in tonight…


MIX06 – So it begins

Well, I just stepped off of a 5.5 hour flight got a rental car for 16 hours and then I’m back on another flight to Las Vegas all within a 24 hour time span. More to follow!


VB6 MouseWheelFix – Now works in SDI Mode!

A VERY large thank you goes out to Kevin Willimason for taking the time to hook (no pun intended) us all up.  Kevin rewrote a majority of the add-in so it works in SDI mode. We are in the process of getting the KB article udpated.  In the mean time you can grab the updated source…


Connection_Dropped Error in the HTTPERR Log for IIS

I was trying to install a web service on a freshly build W2k3 box.  I checked the event log and found: Event code: 3005 Event message: An unhandled exception has occurred. Event time: 1/3/2006 12:50:03 PM Event time (UTC): 1/3/2006 8:50:03 PM Event ID: e85fe2d9c6c84f9287d5bed943869d42 Event sequence: 1 Event occurrence: 1 Event detail code: 0…