Ain’t Programming Fun!

So I was upgrading a project from VS.NET 2003 to VS.NET 2005 (v2.0 of the framework) and I kept hitting this assert:  "_CrtIsValidHeapPointer(pUserData)."  There were several postings out and about but they were all for previous versions of the framework, nothing to do with upgrading to whidbey.  After a long and unsuccessfull jaunt to change my C++ syntax from /clr:oldsyntax to just /clr along with many other now forgotten changes, I made the following project change:

I changed the code generation property of "runtime library" from /MDd to /MD...and voila, gone!  Hopefully this tidbit will save someone an afternoons worth of work!

Now I get to go stand in line at BestBuy this weekend and hopefully acquire a XBOX 360. [:D]

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  1. Dan McKinley says:

    Ok, but I think all you’ve done is switch from the debug CRT to the retail version. The retail version wouldn’t validate heap pointers. I could be wrong, but I think perhaps you’ve just suppressed the problem.

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