Helping the online community by closing the G ap

I have had the great opportunity to help out a customer of ours named Mike.  Mike was getting a “Class Not Registered” error when attempting to create an instance of a DCOM object using Type.GetTypeFromProgID() and Activator.CreateInstance().  Things worked locally but on remote machines all Mike saw was this exception.


Mike tried to get some help in the Microsoft newsgroups (dotnet.framework.interop) but only made fair progress.  He decided to call Microsoft Support and it turns out that Mike was directed to me and we worked together to resolve the issue he was having.


We decided it would be best to post the solution on the newsgroup so that others could benefit from the solution we came up with.  The problem and resolution are discussed within the .NET Framework newsgroup:


All of the relevant information is listed in the newsgroup posting.  I’m available to answer any questions about the posting. 

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