Speaking of digital photography

Just seconds after making my last post I came across:  Digital camera sales booming - http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/ptech/12/16/digital.cameras.reut/index.html.

Of course this article mentions "click-to-click speed" as the most prevelant compaint digital camera owners face. 

The selling point of a digital camera is it's MP (megapixel) rating.   Sound familiar?  Until recently computers used processor speed as the biggest marketing feature.  Companies such as AMD and Intel changing their marketing schemes to focus on other criteria since processor speed is becoming less relevant.  I forsee digital camera companies doing the same thing when sensor technology gets resolution past the range of what film quality is.  Instead of MP rating it might be things like frames/sec or additional features like whether or not your camera can play MP3s like the Oakley Thump glasses.

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