Calling SendInput() from C# using MOUSEINPUT Structure


I couldn't find any samples (of course after only searching breifly) that show how to call SendInput from C# using the MOUSEINPUT struct.  After getting it to work I figured I'd post it so other folks can make use of it:


       [DllImport("User32.dll", SetLastError=true)]

       public static extern int SendInput(int nInputs, ref INPUT pInputs, int cbSize);


       public struct INPUT


              public int type;

              public MOUSEINPUT mi;



       public struct MOUSEINPUT


              public int dx;

              public int dy;

              public int mouseData;

              public int dwFlags;

              public int time;

              public int dwExtraInfo;


       // Call the API

       int resSendInput;

       resSendInput = SendInput(1, ref input, Marshal.SizeOf(input));

       if (resSendInput == 0 || Marshal.GetLastWin32Error() != 0)





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  1. Adam Nathan says:

    I just wanted to note that you can find these definitions at Unfortunately, the site contents are not very searchable by search engines.

    But whenever you feel like sharing this kind of info, feel free to contribute it at the site!

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