SUPER SHOES – They’ve got a horsepower rating AND a clock rate!

Adidas creates ‘smart shoe’


Now here goes Adidas research and develops a cool techno/fitness toy that will be sure to land on Popular Mechanics top 100 best products list for the year. 


I’ve always been a big Adidas fan (ever since I grew up in Europe playing soccer and driving by their headquarters in Germany).  Them developing things like this excites this uber-Nerd.  So you’ve guessed it…..I’m getting’ me a pair when they come out!


I know they’re $250 but since I already drop about two bills on my soccer boots I can justify this as a computer and athletic equipment upgrade!!!  Besides, I’ve been needing new running shoes.  My current ones have about 750 miles on them

Comments (6)

  1. Samd says:

    Is that $250 for the pair?

  2. Robert Gruen says:

    Yes….MSRP is listed @ $250 … $120 for the left shoe and $130 for the right shoe!


  3. Dave says:

    750 miles is way too many. I thought read somewhere that the cushioning/support in a running shoe kicks out at about 300 miles.

  4. Robert Gruen says:

    Here’s another article on the shoes. Much more informative than the one on CNN.

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