Errors discovered during backup of VHDS in guest clusters



with Windows Server 2016 we introduced VHD Sets to create a shared virtual disk to be used with guest clusters. We also introduced production checkpoints to create application consistent backups.

Recently, I worked on a case where this may fail, and would like to share the Error codes and their reason:


Error code: '32768'. Failed to create checkpoint on collection 'Hyper-V Collection'

Reason: We failed to query the cluster service inside the Guest VM. Check that cluster feature is installed and running.


Error code: '32770'. Active-active access is not supported for the shared VHDX in VM group

Reason: The VHD Set disk is used as a Cluster Shared Volume. This cannot be checkpointed


Error code: '32775'. More than one VM claimed to be the owner of shared VHDX in VM group 'Hyper-V Collection'

Reason: Actually we test if the VHDS is used by exactly one owner. So having 0 owner also creates this error. The reason was that the shared drive was offline in the guest cluster


Hope this helps you to identify backup problems easier.




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