RedHat 6.3 VM may loose Network connectivity after a live migration



recently, I had an issue with a RHEL 6.3 VM with the latest Integration Components 3.4. After live migration of the VM to another node, it was not reachable over the network anymore.

Usually, the ICs send out a  "Gratuitous ARP" to let each switch update their internal routing table  to the VM. The ICs depend on a notification of the Linux kernel, which has to be enabled in RHEL 6.3

A solution to this problem is to edit  the file, “/etc/sysctl.conf” inside the RHEL VM, and insert the following line, then reboot.


net.ipv4.conf.default.arp_notify = 1




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  1. Sepulva says:

    I was close to givin up on this. Thanks for the Post!

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