Hyper-V Powershell module not installed during Bare Metal Deployment

Hi,   I just had an issue that my 2012 Hyper-V Hosts did not have the new powershell commands available. (get-vm, etc) I installed the Hosts using SCVMM 2012 SP1 (beta) using Bare Metal Deployment http://blogs.technet.com/b/cloudytom/archive/2012/01/02/scvmm-2012-bare-metal-deployment-checklist.aspx As it turned out, this does not add the optional hyper-v powershell module. To add them afterwards, use the…


RedHat 6.3 VM may loose Network connectivity after a live migration

Hi,   recently, I had an issue with a RHEL 6.3 VM with the latest Integration Components 3.4. After live migration of the VM to another node, it was not reachable over the network anymore. Usually, the ICs send out a  “Gratuitous ARP” to let each switch update their internal routing table  to the VM. The ICs depend on…


Raising Assigned Memory on Demand on Hyper-V

Hi, I’m using Dynamic Memory for all my VM’s and tend to start low (512MB). However, it happend to me that some software did not install as there was not enough memory assigned. Until now, i had to shutdown the VM, adjust the startup, and started the VM again to install the software, but ….    I just discovered a…


Windows 8 Beta allows to import a VM from plain files.

Hi, this is a “WOW” feature for me that I found not to be documented. Until now you could only “Import” a VM that you had previously exported. Importing a VM from just a copy of the directory was not possible, and manual steps where not easy. See http://blogs.msdn.com/b/robertvi/archive/2008/12/19/howto-manually-add-a-vm-configuration-to-hyper-v.aspx   Now, Windows 8 Hyper-V simply…


Windows Server 8 beta available

Hi everyone, besides the Consumer Preview of Windows ‘”8″, there was also a beta version of Windows Server “8” released here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/hh670538.aspx?ocid=&wt.mc_id=TEC_108_1_33   Hyper-V has some very cool enhancements which are worth to be evaluated, and descriptions can be found here Hyper-V Automation Support Technical Preview  Hyper-V Dynamic Memory Technical Preview Hyper-V Offloaded Data Transfer…


Service Templates in VMM 2012

As VMM 2012 is almost complete, I started to upgrade to the RC Version.  I thought I’ll share some of my learnings: A major new feature is Service Templates, here’s my first use of it: Here is a VM template to deploy a single virtual machine, as we already know it from previous VMM versions….