A script to check the Integration Services Version on Hyper-V Host and Guests

Hi, Scripting time again! Really often, I need to check if the Integration Services Version of the Hyper-V guests are up to date. Some Updates für Hyper-V update the vmguest.iso on the Host. So you need to manually go the VM’s afterwards and install the Integrations services again. To check the “Comprehensive list of Hyper-V R2 updates” go to  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff394763(WS.10).aspx…


A powershell script which balances the load of Hyper-V VMs across all cluster nodes

Hi everyone, I run a 2 node cluster with Hyper-V. While debugging and testing, i often have to reboot a node and end up with all my VM’s on one node, and find myself moving them arround manually. So i came up with the below script to automate this. Let me know how it works for…


When would I need to limit the processor features so that Quick or Live Migration is possible

Hi, Recently, I had some customers which could not Quick or Live Migrate their VMs in a Hyper-V Cluster. Although the Cluster Nodes where the same manufacture and type, migration was not possible because the destination server reported a different processor version. Looking into the details with a tool like CPU-Z showed that the CPUs…


Error Message: The server encountered an error while creating “Name of the VM”

Recently, I worked on the below issue and though this might be worth to blog: On a Hyper-V Server, existing VMs where running just fine, however, we could not create new VMs. The error at the final stage of the Wizard was: The server encountered an error while creating “Name of the VM”The operation failedFailed…


SCVMM Bits transfer may conflict with HTTPS

Recently, I’ve seen some problems related with BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) during VM creation from SCVMM. One error I’ve seen is that the process appears to hang but was indeed extremely slow (1MB in 1 hour), the other was an error message in SCVMM like:   Error (12700)  <path to vhd on destination host> ‘The…


Hyper-V: Live Migration Network Configuration Guide

Hi, we just release a guide on how to configure your Network Cards with Hyper-V  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff428137(WS.10).aspx I had the chance to check this out up front, and if you just don’t have plenty of NIC’s (>3), the approach to use Quality of Service (QoS), worked out rather nice for me. Cheers   Robert


VHDTool – a must have.

This tool saved me lots of time. So I thought I point you to it: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/vhdtool   Among some other nice features, my favorite is repair         Repairs a broken Hyper-V snapshot chain where an administrator        has expanded the size of the root VHD.  The base VHD will be        returned to its original size. THIS MAY CAUSE…