Quick or Live Migration may fail after you used Migrate Storage

SCVMM R2 has a nice new feature to migrate the storage location of a VM. The move is done on one particular host from one drive to another.

The move can be done while the VM is offline, in safe state, or even online.


What I’ve seen recently, in a clustered environment, when a VM in safe state has its storage migrated it may fail to be moved to another node in the cluster.

It still runs fine on the host where it was migrated, but cannot be Quick or Live migrated to any other host.


10698 Virtual Maschine Cluster Configuration Error!


The error you are seeing in the event log is:


"'<Your VM Name> Configuration' failed to register the virtual machine with the virtual machine management service.


The Virtual Machine Management Service failed to register the configuration for the virtual machine '645D10B4-ABCD-47F4-3839-46BBFF48CC7A' at 'C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\<Your VM Name>': The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002)"


The reason for this failure is that SCVMM changes the VM Guid during the migration, and the other cluster nodes are not aware of this change.


Obviously, restarting the nodes, or at least the cluster service would solve this issue.


A more easy solution for this issue is, to take both resources for this VM and temporarily assign it to “Run this resource in a separate Resource Monitor”. This will cause the other nodes to re-read the VM Guid


1.       Start Failover Cluster Manager

2.       Open Services and Applications and select the VM. Take the VM Offline

3.       Open Properties on the Configuration, Advanced Polices. Check “Run this resource in a separate Resource Monitor”, Apply, uncheck, Apply

4.       Do the same for the VM Resource


 The root cause is currently investigated and I will post here when there is a better solution

 The SCVMM rollup http://blogs.msdn.com/robertvi/archive/2009/12/17/availability-of-hotfix-rollup-package-for-system-center-virtual-machine-manager-2008-r2.aspx resolves this problem




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