During Quick Migration the Virtual Machine Configuration resource stays in "Offline Pending"

I have seen this at a customer site. Whenver one VM was moved from one node to the other, it took hours.
During that the Virtual Machine Configuration resource in Failover Manager showed in "Offline Pending"

As it turned out, we found a self-referencing link in the Default Configuration folder. C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V

A  dir in this folder showed a file that looked like this:

17.02.2009 11:56 <SYMLINK> 08CF336C-A430-4D3B-B47E-63AF9AE867E9.xml [C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V\Virtual Machines\08CF336C-A430-4D3B-B47E-63AF9AE867E9.xml]

This is a SYMLINK pointing to itself.

Normally, it should look similar to:

07/29/2008  02:15 PM    <SYMLINK>      0DB03AC6-FB95-4F83-A52A-31A04A5154B0.xml [V:\CONTOSO\W2KDC\CONTOSO W2KDC\Virtual Machines\0DB03AC6-FB95-4F83-A52A-31A04A5154B0.xml]

Resolution: Delete the self-referencing link(s) on all nodes,and restart the VMMS Service.

Please drop me a short note if you figure out how to get into this sitation.




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  1. Brandon says:

    Got this same error.  After deleting the file it worked.  But am very curious why this happened.  I was able to move VM's around the cluster just fine about 4 days ago.  Nothing changed in enviornment except addding a brand new VM to cluster about 2 days ago- maybe that wrote strange XML file to all nodes.  Did you ever come across why this happened to your client?

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