SCVMM error 3217, missing

Today, an issue with System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

If you try to convert a physical machine with Windows Server 2003 x64 SP2 into a Virtual Machine using SCVMMs P2V feature, you may get the error 3217.

The detailed error indicates SP2.CAB would be missing. However, on your install media you cannot find

If you run into this error, you propably don't have a US or JPN version of Windows Server 2003 x64 SP2, but a localized one. Localized version have only been released with SP2 integrated.


To Convert this kind of machines, follow this steps:

1. Copy the intelide.sy_ from your installation media. It's under \amd64\

2. Use Expand.exe to unpack it to intelide.sys and place it into „\Program Files\Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008\Patch Import“

3. From the SCVMM Console run Powershell

4. Inside Powershell execute Add-Patch


Now, the P2V Process should be successfull.

You would need to redo this for every language version you intend to convert. 






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