Howto manually add a VM Configuration to Hyper-V

With Hyper-V you cannot simply „Add“ a configuration file to your Hyper-V machine as you could with Virtual Server. Mainly because of the use of Live Snapshots. The recommended way is to use Export and Import. If you have a given VHD it is way easier to create a new VM and simply add the VHD…


Error Applying New Virtual Network Changes

When you create a new switch and assign it a pyhsical Network card, you might see this error. Error Applying New Virtual Network Changes Setup switch failed The switch could not bind to <physical NIC name> because it is already bound to another switch.   This might happen if you used this NIC with a switch before and…


E-Book on MS Virtualization Solutions

Just got a link to this free edition. It covers Hyper-V, SCVMM, MED-V and more. I browsed the Hyper-V section and it appears to be very profound. Free E-Book: Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions  Cheers Robert


My modifications to InitialStore.xml don’t seem to take effect

I wanted to allow a colleague access to my Hyper-V. Following the instructions at I used Azman.msc to modify \ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V\InitalStore.xml. However, nothing I changed seemed to take effect. Even after I rebooted the host, nothing changed. Eventually, I figured out that SCVMM has redirected the Store to \ProgramData\Microsoft\Virtual Machine Manager\HyperVAuthStore.xml I decided to not modify the…


HowTo monitor the NIC used by a Virtual Machine in a Hyper-V cluster

Recently I had a customer with the following problem: Hyper-V Host Clusters don’t support NIC Teaming. So I have my VM clustered, but my machine does not failover when the NIC used for that machine has a problem. E.g. Network cable unplugged. One approach to workaround this, is to add a cluster resource script to…