Howto manually add a VM Configuration to Hyper-V

With Hyper-V you cannot simply „Add“ a configuration file to your Hyper-V machine as you could with Virtual Server. Mainly because of the use of Live Snapshots. The recommended way is to use Export and Import. If you have a given VHD it is way easier to create a new VM and simply add the VHD…


Error Applying New Virtual Network Changes

When you create a new switch and assign it a pyhsical Network card, you might see this error. Error Applying New Virtual Network Changes Setup switch failed The switch could not bind to <physical NIC name> because it is already bound to another switch.   This might happen if you used this NIC with a switch before and…


E-Book on MS Virtualization Solutions

Just got a link to this free edition. It covers Hyper-V, SCVMM, MED-V and more. I browsed the Hyper-V section and it appears to be very profound. Free E-Book: Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions  Cheers Robert

My modifications to InitialStore.xml don’t seem to take effect

I wanted to allow a colleague access to my Hyper-V. Following the instructions at I used Azman.msc to modify \ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V\InitalStore.xml. However, nothing I changed seemed to take effect. Even after I rebooted the host, nothing changed. Eventually, I figured out that SCVMM has redirected the Store to \ProgramData\Microsoft\Virtual Machine Manager\HyperVAuthStore.xml I decided to not modify the…

HowTo monitor the NIC used by a Virtual Machine in a Hyper-V cluster

Recently I had a customer with the following problem: Hyper-V Host Clusters don’t support NIC Teaming. So I have my VM clustered, but my machine does not failover when the NIC used for that machine has a problem. E.g. Network cable unplugged. One approach to workaround this, is to add a cluster resource script to…


A clustered Virtual Machine may end up on the wrong switch after move

When you have a VM clustered on multiple Hyper-V Hosts it is necessary that the machine configuration (XML) is modified to reflect the correct Switch Name on the new host during move. The Configuration file for the VM holds GUID values for “SwitchName” and “PortName”. As the VM is configured with a readable Switch Name like “External” it is essential…

When do I use the Legacy Network Apater

When you configure a new VM you have the option to add a “Network Adapter” or a “Legacy Network Adapter”. Wich one should you use? The Legacy Network Adapter emulates a real Hardware NIC and chances are good that your guest already has a driver and can use it right away. It is also the…

Some very interesting Videos on Hyper-V

can be found on E.g. Hyper-V Server, VDI with Citrix, High Availability. Cheers Robert  

Server Virtualization Validation Program and Microsoft Software supported in virtual Environments

The “Server Virtualization Validation Program” (SVVP) is a program where Hypervisors other then Hyper-V can get certified together with Microsoft Software. Microsoft server software and supported virtualization environments   Cheers Robert  

Slow VM performance on HP MSA SAN Storage

Today we saw poor performance when the VHDs where placed on a HP MSA SAN. After we enabled the feature “Enable Advanced Performance disk Policy” inside the HP MSA Admin tool, the performance was as expected. Bootup of a VM increased from 70 seconds down to 20 seconds.  Cheers -Robert