Migration Toolkit Pre-Release published on CodePlex

Interested in writing a migration tool targeting (or synchronizing with) Team Foundation Server version control or workitem tracking?

Then check out the pre-release of the TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit on CodePlex!


This drop is the complete source code for the migration toolkit and sample converters.  The VC sample is an application that will synchronize WSS document libraries with TFS version control.  Developers can check in doc changes with their code and managers can see the updated docs on the WSS server after the mirroring is done (and it works the other way too).

Oh - and this is still under active development (and has known issues) so if you have any feedback it's still early enough for it to be considered for inclusion in the final drop.

And to quote Matt ...

"Please note that this is a prerelease version of the Migration and Synchronization Toolkit. Several features are not complete and as testing has not completed, the code has the potential to contain bugs and overwrite data stored in TFS. Please be careful to use this only in a testing environment and not on live production data."


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