Episode 65 of Visual Studio Toolbox: Prism for Windows Store Apps

I am joined this week by Francis Cheung and Blaine Wastell of the Microsoft Patterns and Practices team. They show us Prism for Windows Store Apps. This project provides guidance to developers who want to create a Windows Store business app using C#, XAML, the Windows Runtime, and modern development practices. The guidance helps you implement…


Episode 61 of Visual Studio Toolbox: Building Great Windows 8 Apps

In this show, John Papa and Pete Brown join me for a freewheeling discussion about building great apps. We cover a range of topics including your icon and tile, how you app looks in the Windows Store, how you display information in an app layout, gestures, design, and more.


Episode 57 of Visual Studio Toolbox: Designing Windows 8 Line of Business Apps Revisited

In this episode, I revisit the Windows 8 line of business app I wrote. This app provides the ability for employees to create and submit expense reports—and for managers to view and approve or reject them. I first review the app as you last saw it and then discuss what changes I made to the…


Using SQLite in Windows 8 Store Apps

In episode 52 of my Visual Studio Toolbox show, I showed a sample Windows 8 app that uses SQLite. The app manages customers and their projects. In this post, I will show you how to build that app. [11/28/2012]: I uploaded the sample to the MSDN Code Samples. You will have to add the references…