Visual Studio Toolbox: Getting started with Windows IoT Episode #6

In the final episode in this introduction series, Dmitry and Suz discuss how you can add a professional touch to your Windows IoT Core smart device prototype. They'll cover 3D printed housing and how to create a case for your device, an overview of adding Azure IoT Edge to unlock more robust cloud functionality, and a deeper dive into the exciting features of Azure IoT Central.


  • Docs - IoT Edge for Windows IoT:
  • Docs – IoT Central for Windows IoT
  • Pay to print 3D service:
  • 3D Models, example #1:
  • 3D Models, example #2:

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  1. StonyK x says:

    how about an episode that would show how to have a gui to turn a led on/off
    an example of how to have a touchscreen with turning gpio’s on and off could be very helpful thanks love the show

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