Visual Studio Toolbox: UI Tests for Desktop and UWP Apps

In this episode, I am joined by Timotius Margo, who shows how to create automated UI tests for desktop apps using the WinAppDriver UI Recorder. WinAppDriver is a UI automation service for Windows 10. You can use the UI Recorder to track keyboard and mouse interactions and then view generated C# code. That code provides…


Visual Studio Toolbox: Adding Images to Comments with CodeRush

In this episode, Robert is joined by Mark Miller, who shows us a brand new feature in the latest version of CodeRush. Mark shows how easy it is to embed images, diagrams, formulas, tables, etc., inside source code. You can paste any image from the clipboard or reference a local file in markdown. For more…


Visual Studio Toolbox: Getting started with Windows IoT Episode #6

In the final episode in this introduction series, Dmitry and Suz discuss how you can add a professional touch to your Windows IoT Core smart device prototype. They’ll cover 3D printed housing and how to create a case for your device, an overview of adding Azure IoT Edge to unlock more robust cloud functionality, and…


Visual Studio Toolbox: Getting started with Windows IoT Episode #5

In the fifth episode of this series, Dmitry and Suz continue covering Windows IoT Core fundamentals using a custom built smart IoT device prototype. This time they’ll be walking through using Azure IoT Hub’s Device Methods to control the device remotely. You’ll learn how to remotely capture photos from a smart device and store them…


Visual Studio Toolbox: Telerik & Kendo UI

In this episode, I am joined by Sam Basu and Ed Charbeneau, who take us on a whirlwind tour of the Telerik UI toolkit for .NET applications and the Kendo UI toolkit for modern Web apps. After an overview of these two products, they show controls for the Web [12:30], chat bots [22:45] and Xamarin…


Visual Studio Toolbox: Managing User Secrets

In this episode, I am joined by Andrew Cheung and Alicia Chan, who show how Visual Studio can help you stop storing sensitive data like connection strings and other user secrets in your code. They show how to store secrets locally in json or XML files and how to store them in Azure Key Vault.


Visual Studio Toolbox: Creating Games with Unity and Visual Studio

In this episode, I am joined by Arturo Nunez, who shows us the seamless integration of Visual Studio and Unity and how this makes you a much more productive game developer. You get the benefits of things like IntelliSense and full debugging support for your scripts, as well as Unity specific features like directly implementing…


Visual Studio Toolbox: Improved User Experience in VSTS & Azure DevOps Projects

In this episode, Dmitry is joined by Jeremy Epling to discuss and show demos of how the VSTS team is working to improve the products web-based user interface for things like home page, general navigation, “my work” and favorites and around specific feature areas like Build Status and Release Management (RM) editor pages. They also…


Visual Studio Toolbox: Unit Testing Tools in Visual Studio 2017

In this video, I am joined by Kendra Havens, who shows us some of the excellent unit test tooling in Visual Studio 2017, including testing performance improvements [03:57], Hierarchy View in the Test Explorer [05:13], generating unit tests [09:35], Intellitest [10:50], code coverage [16:10] and Live Unit Testing [19:10].


Visual Studio Toolbox: CodeMaid

In this episode, I am joined by Steve Cadwallader, the author of CodeMaid, an extension for Visual Studio that has more than a million downloads. CodeMaid provides the ability to cleanup and simplify code. Steve shows code cleaning and reorganizing, visualizing and navigating through your code, formatting comments and more.