Visual Studio Toolbox: Dependency Injection

In this episode, I am joined by Miguel Castro, who explains dependency injection, which makes it easy to resolve classes at any level in any size object hierarchy, all the while making your application much easier to test. Miguel demystifies this important technique and explains why and how you should use it in every project.

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  1. great informations thanks

  2. Gareth says:

    Nice one. That’s probably the clearest description of DI I’ve seen, and it all seems so simple!

  3. Todd Knudsen says:

    This clean example of DI helped me! Thanks

  4. Si Carter says:

    Great article, really simplifies the process and makes complete sense, you mentioned making the code available?

  5. Milen says:

    Strong cohesion and weak coupling, the testability is after that. Try to “sell it” better next time. The military flavor was not cool by the way.

    1. Milen, “military flavor”? So what exactly does that mean? Sell it better? You watched didn’t you.

  6. DodgyStats says:

    Will you be making the code available to download?

  7. Sakht24 says:

    thanks for your posts

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