Visual Studio Toolbox: Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) Sprint 124 – what’s new?

In this episode, Dmitry Lyalin is joined by Alex Nichols to discuss the latest sprint update of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), our cloud hosted DevOps product. They will start with a discussion around how Team Foundation Server (TFS) on-premises became VSTS, how often and what process is used to ship new features to both…


Visual Studio Toolbox: Entity Framework Power Tools

In this episode, I am joined by Erik Ejlskov Jensen, the author of several Visual Studio Extensions for working with databases. Here, Erik shows the Entity Framework 6 Power Tools (including viewing entity data models and generating views) and the EF Core Power Tools (including reverse engineering and viewing a database schema as a DGML…


Visual Studio Toolbox: Functional Programming in C#

In this episode, I am joined by Ed Charbeneau for a discussion of how a number of language features in C# support functional programming, a programming style that treats computation as the evaluation of mathematical functions and avoids changing state and mutable data.  Resources: The Essential Cheat Sheet: Functional Programming with C# 7.1 Functional C#…


Visual Studio Toolbox: VSTS Work Item Rules

In this episode, Donovan is joined by Charles Taylor, to show the Visual Studio Team Services Work Item Rules. Using these rules, you can customize the behavior of your work items in VSTS.