Visual Studio Toolbox: Extensions in Visual Studio 2017

In this episode, I am joined by Justin Clareburt, who shows us what users of extensions can expect in Visual Studio 2017. Justin first reviews the new setup experience, because that impacts extensions. Among the things he shows are lightweight solution loading [07:35], how you can monitor the performance of extensions and see whether they are slowing you down [09:00], how extension builders can specify what Visual Studio components are required to run the extension [18:50] and how to build an extension [24:45].

Comments (1)

  1. bill burrows says:

    Question on the new “setup experience”. My user wants all the tools available in the “Architecture” tab. These tools are not really “code” related. It seemed to me that the “pre-configured” setup options mostly dealt with various code/API scenarios. Are there plans for and “Architect” setup option?

    Thanks …. bill

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