Visual Studio Toolbox: C++ Debugging Tips and Tricks

In this episode, I am joined by Andrew Hall, who shows a number of cool debugging tips and tricks for C++ developers. More specifically, he shows:

  • Configuring launch options from project properties (command line arguments and setting environment variables)
  • Seeing function return values
  • Set next statement
  • Step into specific
  • Run to cursor
  • Edit and Continue (including x64 support)
  • Exception Settings
  • Conditional, Hit Count, and Filter Breakpoints
  • Pinning DataTips
  • Parallel Stacks window
  • Show External Code
  • Parallel Watch window
  • Freeze and Thaw threads
  • Flag Threads and Run Flagged Threads to Cursor
  • Show Threads in source
  • Debug Location toolbar
  • Debugging Heap Corruption with Page Heap
  • PerfTips
  • Integrated CPU profiling
  • Integrated Memory Profiling
  • Natvis
  • Showing what source code causes an Access Violation
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