Visual Studio Toolbox: IntelliTest

In this episode, I am joined by Jeff Fattic, who shows us how to use IntelliTest to automatically generate unit tests. IntelliTest explores your .NET code to generate test data and a suite of unit tests. For every statement in the code, a test input is generated that will execute that statement. A case analysis is performed for every conditional branch in the code. This analysis is used to generate test data for a parameterized unit test for each of your methods, creating unit tests with high code coverage.

Comments (1)

  1. bill burrows (VB MVP) says:

    I viewed the video and was very excited. I took that excitement to VS, create a small VB test app, and to my surprise and disappointment discovered that the feature is not available to the VB developer.

    So sad … its this constant onslaught of niggling actions that VB developers encounter that is makes "language parity" a at Microsoft a joke.


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