Visual Studio Toolbox: AzureChatR: Building a Cross-Platform Chat App

In this episode, I am joined by Nick Landry. Nick shows AzureChatr, a cross-platform chat app that he built to demonstrate mobile development techniques with a cloud backend. AzureChatr lets you chat live in real-time with other users in a global chat room. Nick walks us through some of the code and shares some best practices for building apps in a cloud-first mobile-first world.


  1. Blog post about AzureChatr, the project, the features, download links and source code
  2. Install AzureChatr for Windows Phone 8.1
  3. Universal Windows app source code on GitHub
  4. Android app source code on GitHub
  5. iOS app source code on GitHub
  6. Get started with the Microsoft Azure trial
  7. Nick's blog
  8. Follow Nick on Twitter

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