Episode 78 of Visual Studio Toolbox: Entity Framework 5 and 6

In this episode, I am joined by Rowan Miller and Glenn Condron of the Entity Framework team. Rowan and Glenn first provide a brief history of EF. They next bring us up to speed on what was new in EF 5. Demos include DbContext code generation, enum support, spatial data types, and multiple diagrams and coloring. They explain how Entity Framework is open source and what that means and then discuss upgrading to EF 6. Finally, they show us what is coming in EF 6. Demos include database command interception/logging, code-based configuration and async query and save.



Comments (1)

  1. bill burrows says:

    This is not only great content, but Rowan and Glenn have done an excellent job in organizing and presenting the content in a very effective manner.

    Highly recommended video … bill

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