Episode 60 of Visual Studio Toolbox: Entity Framework Tips and Tricks

In this show, I am joined by Julie Lerman, the author of several highly acclaimed Entity Framework books. Julie shares a number of Entity Framework tips and tricks including:

  • Overriding the DBContext SaveChanges method
  • EntityFramework Power Tools
  • Configuring 1:1 Relationships
  • How to Avoid Accidentally Adding Data
  • Debugging

Comments (2)

  1. Ironoak says:

    Why is the video quality so terribly bad?

  2. Ironoak, can you elaborate on the issues you are seeing with the video quality? Is it because you are watching the video in the browser? If so, you can go to the Channel 9 site and download the video.

    If you are referring to my audio, that is because my mike wasn't working.


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