Episode 56 of Visual Studio Toolbox: Using Azure Mobile Services in a Windows 8 App

In this episode, learn how to use Azure Mobile Services in a Windows 8 app. Robert shows how to create a new mobile service and an accompanying database as well as how to connect a Windows Store app to the mobile service. He then demonstrates how to query, add, update, and delete items in the database.

You can find the app Robert used here.

Comments (2)

  1. B. Clay Shannon says:

    My classes that declare WAMS tables don't have those attributes/decorators (such as "[DataMember(Name="PlatypusID")]", and it seems to work just fine without them; should I add them for some reason, or are they only if you're going to name your class members something different than the table columns?

  2. They are purely optional and in my demo they are spurious. You are correct that you only need them if you want to use different naming between the classes and the table. For example, you might have a Customer class, but you want a customer table in Azure because that fits better with JSON syntax.


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