Episode 35 of Visual Studio Toolbox (Designing XAML-based Metro style apps with Visual Studio and Blend) is now live

This episode is the last in the 4 part Visual Studio Toolbox series on getting started building and designing Metro style apps. Previously, I showed how to use Visual Studio 11 and XAML to start building Metro style apps for Windows 8. In this episode, Joanna Mason shows us how to use Visual Studio's XAML Designer and Blend to make these apps better looking. She demonstrates how powerful Blend is as a design tool and why it is an indispensable tool you should master as you are building XAML-based apps. Bottom line: if you are building an app with XAML you should be using Blend. No more typing XAML. Take the time to learn it. It will be worth it.

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  1. Romel Hernandez says:

    Sr. Green, until now I really don't know and get out of rid in using Grid, GridView, ScrollView, StackPanel or any layout controls from the Blank application to create a grid like or working metro app. I'm doing this because I have different size of tiles created in layout. Please help me on this. Thanks a lot Sr.Green,

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