Episode 19 of Visual Studio Toolbox (Project Compatibility in Visual Studio 11) is now live

Backward compatibility of projects and solutions has always been a tricky issue for developers. Previously, if you built a solution in Visual Studio 2008 and opened it in Visual Studio 2010, you were presented with the Visual Studio Conversion Wizard. After running the Wizard, you could open your project in Visual Studio 2010, but you could no longer open it in Visual Studio 2008. Visual Studio 11 changes this. You can now open Visual Studio 2010 solutions in Visual Studio 11, work on them and then open them again in Visual Studio 2010. In this episode, I talk with two members of the Project Compatibility virtual team, Lisa Feigenbaum and Karl Burtram. Lisa and Karl discuss project compatibility in Visual Studio 11 and provide insights into how it works.

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