Episode 5 of Visual Studio Toolbox (Reporting Performance Issues with PerfWatson) is now live

This week we look at using the PerfWatson extension to log and report when the Visual Studio UI thread has become unresponsive. We are joined by Cameron McColl, who explains what PerfWatson is, why it was invented and what it does. Basically, PerfWatson monitors the VS UI thread and any time it is unresponsive for 2 seconds or more PerfWatson records the data and sends it to Microsoft. That way, we gather info from our customers about what VS was doing. We use the tool internally and this is a great way to validate what we are seeing, as well as clue us in to issues we may not know about. Obviously, this helps us build a better Visual Studio, so I highly encourage you to install and use PerfWatson.

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