Tip of the Day: Screen Captures and DRM’d Mail


I am writing up a demo script and I want to capture some images. So I press my trusty PrtScn keyboard button and nothing gets added to the Clipboard. So I think well that is odd, but maybe I have some background process intercepting PrtScn. So I launch the Snipping Tool. That tells me the content I am capturing is protected and so I can’t take a snapshot. I ask myself what is so protected about the Properties Window in Visual Studio?

It turns out that the reason neither of these work is that I have a rights protected email open in Outlook. So even though I am not screen capturing that email, all screen capture software is disabled until I close that mail.

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  1. Just Karl says:

    That's good to know – Thanks

  2. John says:

    Then I get out my smartphone and take a picture of the screen because nothing is going to stop me!

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