Report Server Optimizations

The fourth and final technical note “Reporting Services Performance Optimizations” in our series on Building and Deploying Large Scale SQL Server Reporting Services Environments is now available on  The focus of this final technical note is on how to optimize your Reporting Services architecture for better performance and higher report execution throughput and user loads.


ExecutionLog2 View – Analyzing and Optimizing Reports

There are several options for monitoring performance of a report server.  The fourth article in our technical note series on performance and scalability covers information for optimizing entire report servers.  Besides performance counters, analyzing report execution log data in particular can help answer questions such as, which reports might be good candidates for caching, how many reports were returned from…


Technical Note Series on Reporting Services Performance and Scalability

  Over the past few months, I contributed to a series of technical notes by my esteemed colleagues Denny and Lukasz on The technical notes provide guidance on how to build, deploy, and optimize large scale SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) environments.  We derived some of the best practices from internal as well as external enterprise SSRS deployments. So…


Scale-Up Improvements in Reporting Services 2008

A few months ago, leading up to the release of RC0 of SQL Server 2008, I was involved in working with the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team.  They were investigating and comparing the scalability of Reporting Services 2005 and Reporting Services 2008, using common customer report scenarios and workloads.  A more detailed whitepaper is planned…