Debugging Custom Extensions with Visual Studio 2010

If you are developing custom extensions for Reporting Services (such as a data processing extension, delivery extension, security extension, rendering extension, report definition customization extension) with Visual Studio 2010, you have to make sure you compile the extension for the .NET 2.0/3.5 CLR because current versions of Reporting Services run in the 2.0/3.5 CLR, and…


Reporting Services 2005 Resources

MSDN information aggregator site for Reporting Services 2005.  Important downloads for Reporting Services 2005: SP4: SQL Server 2005 SP4 Cumulative Update #3 (build 9.00.5266) SQL Server 2005 SP4 Cumulative Update #2 (build 9.00.5259) SQL Server 2005 SP4 Cumulative Update #1 (build 9.00.5254) SQL Server 2005 SP4 RTM, Express Edition RTM (build 9.00.5000) SP3: SQL Server 2005 SP3…


Reporting Services Recipes Book Downloads

The Reporting Services Recipes book contains detailed step-by-step instructions and explanations for each report design recipe.  We also know that readers want to learn at their own pace, and sometimes don’t have the time to go step-by-step, but instead want to play with the final report first and then explore how it was built.  As…


Reporting Services Recipes Book Released

This book should be on the shelves any day now and is truly special! It draws from the experience of many Reporting Services industry experts and brings together best practices and report design patterns. I co-authored this book with Paul Turley, and it also includes great contributions from Grant Paisley, Thiago Silva, Dan Kisting, Ryan…


Reporting Services Books

A short list of my personal recommendations for the latest Reporting Services books.  Disclaimer: I read all these books, and in most cases performed partial or complete technical reviews of the contents, and provided material contributions to some.   Reporting Services 2012 books: Professional Reporting Services 2012 with Power View by Paul Turley, Robert M. Bruckner, Thiago Silva, Ken…


SharePoint Integrated Mode

Chris Alton’s whitepaper on Reporting Services SharePoint Integration Troubleshooting is now available on MSDN.  It provides a great set of configuration tips, diagnosis, and troubleshooting instructions. The following two older Reporting Services 2005 SharePoint Integrated Mode related whitepapers are still available: Reporting Services 2005 SP2 SharePoint Integration Overview Reporting Services 2005 SharePoint Integration Troubleshooting Enjoy!


Tablix – Multiple Subtotals Are Easy (aka Goodbye InScope)!

Reporting Services 2005 with Matrix In a matrix in Reporting Services 2005, accomplishing multiple or different subtotal calculations at the same grouping level was difficult, but possible.  If you wanted to accomplish custom subtotal calculations in RS 2005, you may have heard about using the InScope function to dynamically determine the scope of a matrix…


Subreport Usage

In a previous post I showed how to quickly find reports that use custom report items (CRIs).  The same idea can be applied to subreports as well.  As an administrator of a report server, you may access the catalog database directly. Keep in mind that any queries you execute directly against the report server’s catalog…


RS Tracer

Have you ever wondered what API calls Report Manager or Management Studio are performing to accomplish certain operations?  Teo Lachev’s RsTracer helps answer these questions.  The tool is available as a CodePlex project and shows the APIs that a Reporting Services client invokes and what arguments it passes to each interface. It also intercepts the…


The Ultimate Guide to Color Scales / Conditional Formatting

I recently provided a tip to my Australian colleague David Lean to successfully solve a small report design challenge with tables and charts that use conditional formatting.  The specific goal was to dynamically calculate and assign a color shade so that the minimum value present in the data is shown red, the average value yellow, and the maximum value…