Custom Report Item

Custom Report Item in Reporting Services 2005 This server extensibility feature introduced in Reporting Services 2005 (RS 2005) provides the ability to develop custom report items for embedding in reports.  Examples of resources available that provide insights into how one can build custom report item solutions include: documentation overview, sample, and a great MSDN magazine article by…


Using Teradata’s .NET Data Provider

Reporting Services 2008 RS 2008 includes full support for Teradata-based report models. You can create and use semantic models based off Teradata similar to how Reporting Services already supports this for SQL Server, Analysis Services, and Oracle. Furthermore, RS 2008 includes a Teradata data extension directly in the box.  Among other features, that data extension provides full support for multi-valued query parameters in…


Reporting Services 2008 Information Aggregator

Want to get an overview, recommendations for good books and other resources, and the latest information about Reporting Services 2008? Check out our MSDN aggregation page for Reporting Services.  Looking for the latest downloads for Reporting Services 2008? Take a look at my RS 2008 resources page.  Furthermore, research and ask questions on the updated MSDN forums for Reporting Services….