I'm back on Speech!

Mwa, ha, ha, haaa!  Yes, I’ve (re) joined the Speech at Microsoft team (yay!) where all sorts of speech grooviness is happening, in bigger, better and cooler-than-ever ways (seriously!).  Years ago, when I started this blog, it was to talk about speech APIs, and I’m going to return to those roots, ‘coz it’s cool, it’s…


SP2 has been updated to support speech barge-in

You wanted barge-in back.  We heard you.  It’s back. Response Point SP2 now supports speech barge-in as a checkbox in the Configure Automated Receptionist dialog box: To install it…. Rather than supply a separate patch that would need to be applied every time you installed SP2, we’ve slip-streamed the fix directly into SP2. Download the…


Streamlining your Automated Receptionist Greeting

(Don’t ping me on barge-in right now – or at least, if you do, I don’t have any more info yet.  Hopefully soon. UPDATE 3/14/09: barge-in is supported in SP2 ) In the meantime, here’s a nice technique for streamlining your Automated Receptionist greeting. (UPDATE 3/14/09: This is a good technique in any case, whether or…


Trouble-Shooting Speech Recognition

(UPDATE 3/14/09: take a look at the 10 ways to optimize speech recognition quick guide.)  There have been lots of posts all over the web about how cool Response Point’s speech recognition is.  But every now and then somebody tells us it’s not working out so well for them.  If you know somebody who’s in…


New Speech Server video on Channel 9

https://channel9.msdn.com/Showpost.aspx?postid=208891 Albert, Mithun and Dave talk us through some of the great new capabilities of the next version of Speech Server. I worked on the initial version of Speech Server (2004), as well as some of the plumbing of the server and API in the upcoming version.  It’s great to see what the Speech Server…


Updating speech samples for beta 2

When beta 1 shipped, we published this article in MSDN Magazine. We’ve made some minor tweaks to the API for beta 2, and I figure what better way to illustrate them than to walk through the samples in that article and update them for beta 2. First, the install.  I installed two pieces of software: Vista…


Recent ZDNet article on speech

http://insight.zdnet.co.uk/software/applications/0,39020466,39274587,00.htm A high-level tour around speech synthesis and recognition.


MSDN Magazine article on speech in Vista

Okay, so I haven’t been completely idle: http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/06/01/speechinWindowsVista/#void (Thanks to Robert Stumberger, Rob Chambers, and the other folks here at Microsoft who helped put this together).


Building a speech telephony app

Bosky wrote: “basically i want my speech server to be able to accept a call, quickly port it say to another ‘something’ . so is this possible ? i hear MS offices themselves at some places have replaced the phone opperator with spech recognition based speech servers . so how to tackle this  situation of…