Answers to speech API questions

Answers to questions from Michael Latta: Q: Can the WinFX Speach Recognition API be used in XP? It is complaining that that component can not be used. I am using TabletPC edition which I thought has recognition features. Does the WinFX API only support Vista? Yes, it works on XP (including Tablet) and Vista. I’d like…


MSDN Magazine article on speech in Vista

Okay, so I haven’t been completely idle: (Thanks to Robert Stumberger, Rob Chambers, and the other folks here at Microsoft who helped put this together).


No speech API posts from me for a little while

After the PDC I moved into a new job on our team and I’ve been heads-down coming up to speed.  Hence no blog posts lately.  Hopefully I’ll come up for air soon.  Thanks for your patience. Philipp’s also posting about speech API stuff.


Building a speech telephony app

Bosky wrote: “basically i want my speech server to be able to accept a call, quickly port it say to another ‘something’ . so is this possible ? i hear MS offices themselves at some places have replaced the phone opperator with spech recognition based speech servers . so how to tackle this  situation of…


WinFX speech API changes in PDC CTP

Joseph Kilada wrote “Robert, can you give any hints as to whether the WinFX Speech APIs have changed at all in build 5219 (or whatever the PDC build is) compared to Beta 1?” Sometime soon I’ll post updates to all the samples I’ve put in this blog, to make them work with the PDC CTP….


Come see Speech at the PDC

If you’re at the PDC, pay a visit to our session at lunch on Friday. We’ll show the very cool speech experience that’s built into Windows Vista’s user experience. We’ll show how easy it is to add speech to an Avalon app. We’ll also show you some great examples of using Speech Server to access…


Check out this new blog on Speech

Philipp Schmid has been working on speech APIs @ Microsoft for years now.  A lot of what I talk about on my blog was written by Philipp or somebody on his team.  Check out his new blog:


Come work on speech & natural language

My job’s a lot of fun. Speech and natural language are fascinating areas to work in, with no shortage of exciting applications and challenging problems to solve. If you think you’d have fun doing this too, here are some recently opened positions in our team that you may be interested in: Lead Software Development Engineer in…


Introducing SAPI 5.3

Vista (a.k.a. Longhorn) has a new version of SAPI: 5.3. SAPI 5.3 is an incremental update to SAPI 5.1.  The core mission and architecture are unchanged across all 5.x releases.  Among a variety of tweaks, SAPI 5.3 has these overall improvements: Support for W3C grammar and TTS formats (SRGS and SSML, as well as support for…


RSS reader using SAPI

Michael Carbenay’s built an RSS client on the .Net runtime 1.1, using COM interop to have SAPI read the feed to you: