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RP Extension Ninja Skills

In Response Point, an “extension” isn’t a physical phone.  It’s a user.  You create users for the various employees and roles in your company, and you assign them to phones.  If you want to get fancy, you can even put more than one user on a phone, or a user on multiple phones.  Why? Well…


Quick reference for making phone calls

Here’s another helpful page from the RP help files.  It contains voice commands and their equivalent key strokes. Quick Reference: Phone Calls A Response Point phone has all the familiar buttons, plus a special button for accessing the Automated Receptionist and voice dialing. Task Action Call an internal extension number using manual dialing. Dial the…


Forwarding Voicemail to Email

I get asked this one fairly often: “how do I configure RP to send my voice mails to my email?”. You need to do two things: Go into the Administrator app and configure RP with the details of an email server it can use to send voicemail.  The Administrator help file has a great topic…


Voice Mail Capacity on Response Point

Here’s a popular question: how many minutes of voice mail does Response Point hold? We compress voice mail down to about 100KB/minute.  The current breed of Response Point base units reserve 100MB for voice mail.  That’s about 1000 minutes of voicemail – or about 16 hours, 40 minutes. Voicemail is deleted automatically after 30 days. …