Case Study: Migrating Microsoft’s .NET Community Websites to Microsoft Azure

Have you ever wondered how much work is involved when migrating a traditionally-hosted production website to Microsoft Azure? If so, the following case study might be of interest to you:

Microsoft Azure Migration: Microsoft’s .NET Community Websites
Migrating Microsoft’s ASP.NET and IIS.NET Community Websites to Microsoft Azure

Here's a little background information on this migration case study: last fall Microsoft worked with two of it's hosting partners, Neudesic and Orcsweb, to migrate the and websites from a traditional web hosting scenario (e.g. websites hosted on physical servers) to virtual machines that are hosted in the cloud on Microsoft Azure. Here's what the web farm looked like before the migration:

After the migration, Microsoft had reduced both the hosting costs and the number of servers required by almost 50%.  Here's what the web farm looked like when the migration had been completed:

There are a lot of people who helped make this migration a success - and there are far too many to name here - but I would like to say a special "thanks" to everyone at Neudesic and Orcsweb for making this migration process as painless as possible.

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  1. Bhuwan Maharjan says:

    Does it mean all .NET community sites of Microsoft's are currently in Microsoft Azure Cloud environment? Besides reducing hosting cost and server cost, are there any other benefits from this migration?

  2. John says:

    Thanks for informative share!

  3. ProWeb365 says:

    Thanks for nice share about this case study!

  4. Super Awesome says:

    That's super awesome!

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