To geek, or not to geek…

Like most of the computer-obsessed friends that I hang out with, I am often called a geek by the non-techie types that I have to interact with. (That list of non-techies includes my wife, by the way.)

I wondered if that was a label that I should wear with pride, then I saw a great quote the other day:

A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.

Given my over-interest in computers, maybe the "Geek" title fits.

When discussing several subjects with some other geeks the other day, one of my friends asked, "Is it possible that there is anything that you're not a geek in?"

I had to give that some thought, but then I replied, "Shoes."

To be honest, I wear a set of sneakers just about everywhere. I wouldn't know a good set of dress shoes if they snuck up behind me and kicked me in the rear.

Maybe that's why I have such a hard time understanding why my wife owns 40 pairs of shoes... To me, I figure what's the point?

To be honest, I actually do own a couple of other pairs of shoes, but my wife bought them for me. When all is said and done, all I ever wear is the sneakers. (Even to church... )

I think my wife buys my other shoes for me in the hopes that I will either: 1) empathize with her plight, 2) convert to the dark side, or 3) develop some form of shoe-fetish gland. I think the fact that I work for Microsoft has still escaped her.

I've told my daughters that I'm making them a simple deal: I'll wear a tuxedo for their weddings. If I foot the bill for the wedding, then I'm wearing sneakers with the tux. If they pay for their own wedding, then I'll wear whatever shoes they like.

Seems fair to me.  😉

But the question remains, am I a socially hopeless cause? I hope not. (After all, I do get out a lot.)

Am I a geek? Hmm... I guess I should consider the old adage:

If the shoe fits... well, you know the rest.

Comments (2)

  1. hypnotik says:

    Have you seen Channel4’s itcrowd series? It’s quite amusing and worth a look.

    Hilarious stuff


  2. ar_kay_tee says:

    Most men don’t have to have the same range of clothing that many women have. Thus, it is less important for men to have as many shoe choices as a woman. My cute, silver, strappy sandals go great with a couple of my evening dresses, but I’d never wear them with slacks to work or with jeans on the weekend. Well, I take that back – paired with a dressy top and a cute jacket, the shoes could look good with jeans and that would work for a concert or something of that nature.

    Anyway, my point is that women need so many shoes because they have more complex wardrobe issues than men. I have several pairs of tennis shoes that are in different colors to go with different colored outfits, and I have heels and flats that are appropriate for work, and I have heels and flats that are appropriate for going out.

    Most men I know have like three pairs of shoes – one pair of tennis shoes that goes with everything, one pair of dressier shoes to go with the dreaded suit, and a pair of hiking boots or a sandal – sometimes both, but rarely. And that works for them, which is fine. I just ask that they don’t roll their eyes when they see my fabulous wall of shoes in my closet, because I guarantee that I wear all of my shoes and boots for different reasons, and they are quite important for my wardrobe 🙂

    BTW, I like the deal that you have with your daughters – good idea 🙂

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