Mor Hezi on Outlook 2007

Mor Hezi – Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 lo so, son campanilista, ma oltre ad essere un grande, è pure italiano 🙂


WorldWide Telescope

The WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is a rich visualization environment that functions as a virtual telescope, bringing together imagery from the best ground- and space telescopes to enable seamless, guided explorations of the universe. WorldWide Telescope, created with Microsoft®’s high-performance Visual Experience Engine™, enables seamless panning and zooming across the night sky blending terabytes of images,…


Roberdan & il Cogo @ Cisco Espoo

ieri io e il mitico Cogo ci siamo finalmente incontrati e abbiamo giocato insieme con la telepresence di Cisco 🙂


Milano, 12 Marzo 2008: un evento da non mancare. E non sto scherzando!

l’unico problema è che io non potrò esserci perchè sarò in Germania 🙁 in compenso offro una birra a chi mi porta il video dell’evento 🙂 Enterprise 2.0: la rivoluzione che viene dal Web 12 marzo 2008, ore 9.30 organizzato dall’Osservatorio Enterprise 2.0 della School of Management del Politecnico di Milano. Durante il Convegno saranno…


Microsoft Makes Strategic Changes in Technology and Business Practices to Expand Interoperability

February 21, 2008 Microsoft today announced a set of broad-reaching changes to its technology and business practices to increase the openness of its products and drive greater interoperability, opportunity and choice. • Audio Recording & Transcript: Conference Call with Steve Ballmer, Ray Ozzie, Bob Muglia and Brad Smith • Video Highlights from the Press Conference…


non ditelo a me…Apostrophes in Names Stir Lot O’ Trouble

EW YORK (AP) — It can stop you from voting, destroy your dental appointments, make it difficult to rent a car or book a flight, even interfere with your college exams. More than 50 years into the Information Age, computers are still getting confused by the apostrophe. It’s a problem familiar to O’Connors, D’Angelos, N’Dours…


back at home

finally I’m back at home 🙂 great 2 weeks in Seattle attending and presenting at TechReady 6 and then at the Jim Bernardo’s team offsite. Really great time I spend there and as usual was exciting meet all the SharePoint Gang (Arpan, Ryan, Lawrence, Alina, Michael, Mr. Fantastic etc), Paolo Tosolini and Mike Gannotti and…


Very Important: Microsoft DreamSpark

DreamSpark is simple, it’s all about giving students Microsoft professional-level developer and design tools at no charge so you can chase your dreams and create the next big breakthrough in technology – or just get a head start on your career. Who can get this right now? We are kicking this off in 11 countries/regions,…