what I’m reading…stop repost and share feeds

Instead of annoying repost I started to use the "Share clipping" feature offered by Feeddemon & Newsgator so now I can select post I like on my huge blogroll list and share what I like in a simple and effective RSS-way 🙂

My reccomended reading for:

SharePoint: Subscribe here

Web 2.0: Subscribe here

Management: Subscribe here

Unified Communication: Subscribe here

as soon as I can I'll update in someway this blog to offer these links in a better way, for now ... let's stop re-post  🙂 and, last but not least, let's mantain ownership of contents: every feed will link the original post so, not only I can reduce chaos, but also mantain paternity of info...or, at least, try to do 🙂

More to come, thx, roberdan.

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  1. Good post Roberto ..

    I use the same setup with FeedDemon and NewsGator. I am however still a "reposter" in some instances.

    Reason for this is that blogging is sort of my mental check-in for stuff that I want to remember and retrieve easily. My blog provides me the structure to do so …

    One tip though to further enhance your service : turn the NewsGator feeds into FeedBurner feeds, that way you can track the usage and statistics 😉

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