finalmente un bel post sulle Data View WebPart

from Arpan's Blog:

"In any case, I thought I'd describe another sample I demonstrated in one of my sessions. I showed folks how easy it is to use SharePoint Designer to create some very rich, custom experiences. The scenario I showed was how you could use the Data View Web Part to connect to different search services – the SharePoint Search Web Service, search or any other search service that returns results via RSS or XML. The Data View Part is a no-code solution that allows you to very quickly connect to different data sources and display the search results and visually create the XSL you want. In fact, I know designers that use SPD to specifically help them create XSL.

For this sample, all you need is Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Designer. Here are the two things I recommend every SharePoint developer, IT Professional and Power User try out: Showing results from and Showing results from SharePoint search. "

Read more and look at the examples on Arpan's blog:

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