Free webinar form NewsGator: Increasing SharePoint value with RSS

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 is drawing significant interest from companies as one-stop portal, collaboration, content management, search and business process environment for their employees. To get the most of your SharePoint team sites, it’s important to think about how you can enhance the experience to not only bring in external information but also make sure that employees can take advantage of the SharePoint-produced content when they aren’t on the portal.

NewsGator Social Sites provides this critical bridge by enabling you to leverage external RSS feeds on SharePoint team sites, “Web 2.0ify” SharePoint lists and syndicate SharePoint RSS feeds to employees via e-mail clients, mobile devices, Web browsers and dedicated desktop readers. Learn more about how the combination of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 and NewsGator Social Sites can improve communications, collaboration and knowledge retention at this Free Webinar.


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