Xpress XML for Microsoft SharePoint

Xpress XML for Microsoft SharePoint is a key piece of technology that bridges the specialized authoring environment needed to create XML content in large-scale knowledge management projects and the portal and collaboration abilities of Microsoft SharePoint. With Xpress XML for SharePoint, the world of SharePoint collaboration is open to XML authors, and the world of XML component authoring has arrived for the SharePoint community. When documents are saved, Xpress XML automatically bursts the XML components for storage in SharePoint, automatically applies catalog information based upon XML attributes where desired, and automatically establishes all component relationships.

Users do not have to be XML experts to see the immediate advantages of component authoring. Individual components can be viewed, revised, or re-used without worrying about the complexities of XML. For example, an author can navigate document content through special SharePoint screens and see components highlighted in place. Selection of content for edit or re-use could not be easier.

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