Silverlight XPS viewer demo

SimpleSilverlightXpsViewer Application

thx to Delay

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  1. JImmie says:


    I am new to silverlight….I had downloaded the xps viewer…. I had a query regarding the use of  the xps viewer that when I  run the application on the development server it runs successfully.. but when I run the application on the Test server it does not  display the desired output….

    There ‘s  one more query regarding this that when I tried to add a new xps document then again it displays error …

    Plz do suggest me something so that I can continue my work …

    Thanks and regards


  2. Mark Woodlief says:

    I too am having the same issue with a different xps document.. Have done extensive debuggign and found no differenences at all in the xps packages.. PageContent seems to be there, yet i get a RootElement is missing exception, unless I load one of your three sample xps then it works flawlessly.

    Please help!!, 🙂

  3. Bob says:

    And what does it actually do, just turns XPS Xml into Xaml?

  4. NgocNguyen says:


    We’ve built an application for viewing documents in Silverlight client.

    In your application, you used "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" printer driver to create an XPS document. But we couldn’t use this way.

    How can we programme to convert documents such as doc, docx, pdf… into XPS document in our application?

    Thanks a lot!

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