Web 2.Oltre report from the conference – part 2

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Round Table on enterprise blogs within companies

Federico De Nardis - MC2

Alessandro Leoni - Mandarina Duck

Marco Massarotto - Hagakure

Carlo Rossanigo - Microsoft

Crazy Ivan


riconoscere il ruolo dei blogger

2 main events in the last year with blogger community

Videos as channel to communicate with Bloggers


Lastampa.it; mondadori, Rai.net: Old media and new media together. Web 2.0 is COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT that leverages on new tehcnologies and on the new flat world scenarios



User Generated Contents are only videos? and what about email? 🙂

the future of twitter? I don't know. today is very used. everyone around me is using it. but I don't know how good is it.

What about Intellectual Property for Mash-ups??

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