Certeon for SharePoint: accelerate WAN performances


Certeon has introduced S-Series Application Acceleration Appliances Pre-loaded with unique Application Acceleration Blueprints to mitigate Wan limitations in SharePoint deployments, and significantly improve application delivery to end-users. The Certeon S-Series adds specific SharePoint application intelligence to the network to overcome WAN limitations that can cause sluggish application responsiveness. Certeon's S-Series delivers improved SharePoint application response times better than any other network or application delivery optimization solution on the market today, enabling the fast and complete deployment of Web-based collaboration and SOA environments.

SharePoint Performance

The result of using Certeon's S-Series in your network is a dramatic reduction in the data that needs to be sent over a WAN and turbocharged acceleration for applications. In fact, according to a recent independent Tolly Report, Certeon's Application Acceleration Blueprints for SharePoint provided SharePoint users with up to 43 times better application response times.

S-Series Response Time

SharePoint Scalability

Functioning at the application layer, Certeon has the unique ability to truly understand application semantics and utilize that understanding to transmit data more efficiently than anyone else. This efficiency enables the transmission of more application data without the need for more bandwidth. The Tolly Group found that by using the Certeon S-Series, a WAN that supported only four users originally could now support more than 78 users without any degradation in response times.

S-Series User Access

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  1. Igor Macori says:

    Certeon ha rilasciato una serie di appliance che offrono supporto a SharePoint 2007 promettendo grandi

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    this is good article

    can u discuss more on improving performance of public sharepoint site it will probably help me

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