CASAHL Solutions for SharePoint Users

CASAHL ecKnowledge middleware can make any enterprise application collaborative with SharePoint. With ecKnowledge, users can bring data into SharePoint from virtually any application, work on it in SharePoint, and send the results back to the original environment. No programming is required for most functions. ecKnowledge is the solution of choice for a wide variety of business scenarios:

CASAHL ecKnowledge supports a wide range of SharePoint functionality (including standard and custom lists, document libraries, and discussion boards) and can work with both Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), SharePoint Portal Server (SPS v2) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS).

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Complement and extend Business Data Catalogs to make any enterprise application collaborative with SharePoint.
ecKnowledge offers a non-programming solution that supports one-way or two-way synchronization between SharePoint and virtually any data source — including other collaborative applications, DBMS, ERP and CRM systems — complementing and extending the functionality of Microsoft Business Data Catalogs to integrate enterprise applications with SharePoint.

Integrate WSS with enterprise applications.
ecKnowledge can integrate Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) sites with DBMS, ERP, or CRM applications; shared files stored in underlying file systems; and more. Users do not need to upgrade to SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 in order to integrate with enterprise applications.

Synchronize data between SharePoint sites.
ecKnowledge can perform selective synchronization between SharePoint sites, so data can be stored where it is used most often and network traffic is minimized to optimize performance.

Transition from SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2007.
ecKnowledge can consolidate content from SPS 2003 and WSS 2003 sites into SharePoint 2007 (Windows SharePoint Services or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) — with little or no programming.

Protect enterprise data (with ecKnowledge ADO Provider) while integrating SharePoint.
ecKnowledge also includes new ADO Data Provider technology, capable of integrating SharePoint with enterprise applications without needing to replicate enterprise content into SharePoint.

Synchronize or migrate applications between SharePoint, Lotus Notes, and Microsoft Office collaborative applications.
ecKnowledge can integrate, extend or migrate data and applications between SharePoint, IBM Lotus Notes collaborative applications ( Lotus Notes/Domino, QuickPlace and Domino.Doc), and other Microsoft Office applications (including InfoPath and Groove) — with little or no programming required.

Migrate Exchange public folder applications to SharePoint.
ecKnowledge can migrate Microsoft Exchange public folder content to SharePoint, with no programming.

Learn more about CASAHL ecKnowledge and CASAHL Solutions.

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